Black Box

Insights into the workings of an incubator institution
Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátorház

A ‘Black Box’ is the onboard data recording equipment for long-distance passenger vehicles. In December 2013, the special exhibition space of the Jurányi Production Community Incubator House served as a base for collecting information similarly. BÜRO imaginaire asked questions of the institution’s residents in the context of a fictional flight. More than thirty cultural groups and organisations active in the building are temporarily grouped together inside the House to form a new, temporary community, just as the passengers in a vehicle during a ride together. The answers to the unusual questionnaire are displayed on the gallery walls in the form of diagrams, graphs and other images using methods borrowed from contemporary art. For a month, the exhibition space will become the incubator institution’s data repository, its “black box”.
The Black Box project will use (pseudo)scientific methods to allow those outside the institution to peek inside, while its smaller programme initiatives during the month-long opening will help build the internal community.

The Jurányi Production Community Incubator House provides offices, rehearsal spaces and storage for independent performing arts companies, dance groups, visual artists and NGOs. It acts as a creative base where the preparation and post-production work of many productions can be carried out safely, as it is suitable for rehearsals, set and costume design, private performances, storage and office work. At the Jurányi, the focus is not on the performance. The management, creative and artistic practice that precedes the performances takes place there, so that the project unfolds within the walls of the Incubator House from its conception to its realisation.