Feelin’ Myself – Lakeside Clinic 2019

Offering artworks as treatment

BÜRO imaginaire presented a set of remedies curing the bodies and the souls in the framework of the visual arts programme at Bánkitó Festival 2019. The treatments of the Lakeside Clinic reached the patients’ souls through the eyes, the ears, the mouth and the nose. The services of the salon included unusual health and art “procedures” for those who suffered from diverse types of stress and anxiety. For instance, the patients could select individual or group exercises that compensate for the daily pressure on the body, a ritual that sweetened the everyday stress caused by hair removal, a sound bath that guided the participants through the process of becoming one with nature or a laughter-yoga session.

Concept: BÜRO imaginaire (Judit Szalipszki & Anna Tüdős)

Contributors: Elina Bry, Krisztina Czika, Liz Magic Laser, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Fiona Macdonald – Feral Practice, Emma Helen Reid, Margherita Soldati

Nurses: Lili Kárpáti, Andrea Kovács, Judit Szalipszki, Anna Tüdős

Institutional partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Let it Be! art agency – Andrea Kovács, Bánkitó Festival

Photo: Krisztina Csányi, Krisztina Czika, Margherita Soldati, Judit Szalipszki, Bánkitó Festival