MENÜ imaginaire soirée

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts / Trafóklub

In the frameworks of the Budapest Design Week 2018

BÜRO imaginaire’s project looks into the prospects of our food and eating habits.

Focusing on certain alarming issues concerning the quotidian act of eating, the guests of the soirée are served some threatening / optimistic / dark / realistic / hopeful narratives that are peculiar responses to worrying trends and problems arising from our consumption habits and relation to our environment.

Futurist rituals, utopian-dystopian fingerfoods whipped up by contemporary artists, designers, a trio of architects and a duo of philosophers. We are in 2018. Resources are already limited. Do you feast with care?

With: Antal LAKNER, Paradigma Ariadné, Absentology (Márk HORVÁTH, Ádám LOVÁSZ), Csilla HÓDI, Zsófia ILLÉS (with Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop)
Curators: Judit SZALIPSZKI, Emese MUCSI
Co-operation partner: Let it Be! art agency

Special thanks: HELLOWOOD, LOFFICE, Dániel HALÁSZ, Gábor SOMOSKŐI, Flóra ARANYI, Péter FUCHS, Fruzsina HÁDA, Makerspace, Ármin MIHÁLY, Martin MUCSI, Géza PEROM – G Plex, Márton ZALKA

video documentation of the soirée | videograper: Gergely OFNER
trailer: Zsuzsanna SIMON – Benedek BOGNÁR