The wine of the future, the future of wine

Film screening and tasting

Part of BALATORIUM Ecological Weekend, August 2022

Climate change is constantly on the agenda – but when it comes to emissions, we often ignore what is literally right in front of our eyes: the food we eat and the drink we drink. Organised by the curatorial collective BÜRO imaginaire, this film, screened on the occasion of a screening, draws our attention to the links between the climate crisis and the wine industry and the challenges we face today. What are the possible coping strategies for vine growers and winemakers in the face of a drastic change in climatic conditions? What kind of wine will we be sipping on summer evenings in 2050?

This is also the subject of the documentary Grand Cru (dir. David Eng, 2017), which follows Burgundian winemaker Pascal Marchand’s 2016 season, which was complicated by devastating frosts, hailstorms and the emergence of grape diseases. As well as a love of winemaking, the film confronts us with the unpredictable and devastating consequences of the climate crisis.

The screening is accompanied by themed snacks and drinks and an introductory discussion for an audience hungry to experience the film and reflect on the future together.

Discussion partner: Barnabás Kovács, local wine-maker and educator